About Aleja:

Hello there! Welcome to A Little Aleja!

I'm Aleja, I'm 24 years old, I'm married to the most amazing, handsome, hilarious man, and we've been married for almost 3 years! I am an adventurer, dancer, makeup lover, model, and wife. Blake and I met while serving a mission for our church in the New York City South mission in 2013. We starting dating shortly after we were both home, got engaged 4 months later and got married 5 months after that! We do not have any kids but we have 2 dogs named Beaux and Tate whom we love, probably a bit too much. We are currently living in Dallas, Texas where Blake is working as an Economic Analyst! I have a bachelor's degree in Public Health and had my dream job working for a community center called Centro Hispano in the teen health program and in the tobacco cessation program, I LOVED my job, but I am so excited to see what the future holds for me in Dallas. 


I started this website after a long... LONG time spent thinking about and really having the desire to do something public to help people feel beautiful and help others make little changes in their "beauty life" that could improve their self-esteem. I have always had a passion for helping people feel beautiful and comfortable in their own skin, just ask my husband, family, friends and old roommates how often I have dressed them, or done their hair and makeup! Ever since I can remember, and definitely before blogging ever existed, I wanted to be a beauty influencer. I wanted to have a "beauty club" in junior high and high school, through college I've wanted to help girls (and boys) dress better, eat better, do their hair better and ultimately feel better, not because I think I'm this magical beauty guru, but because I love being inspired by others, and in turn inspiring others. As I have gotten into modeling over the past 2 years I have gotten to see the most amazing fashion and makeup and I want to be able to share that love and wealth with the world! This site is really for the "everyday lady" I want to show moms, teachers, students, women in the workforce and any other girl out there that you can feel glamorous and beautiful, on a budget and in a few minutes. We don't all have the money or time or fame to have a glam team, so come here and let me be on YOUR team to help make you feel beautiful and uplifted! 


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A Little Aleja. Inspiring a little beauty, fashion and  a lot of self love. Any Links may be affiliate links and will provide a profit.