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January 8, 2019



Aleja here! I'm sure you're all sick of me posting these BHLDN pictures on my Instagram so I am finally showing you all of the amazing photos for my first BHLDN occasion dress photo shoot. I was so honored to be selected to model these amazing gorgeous dresses. Paige is incredible and captured these dresses incredibly! Stay Tuned for the other shoots!

Sometimes photo shoots can look so perfect and no one ever knows the craziness that happens behind the scenes! Well this day was seriously a hot mess! It was super rainy and muggy in Dallas and as the shoot was getting closer, the weather was not improving but my makeup was already done and we were hell bent on shooting these dresses, we finally found a plant nursery and ended up trespassing after hours to get the shots. SO WORTH IT! 















Designer: Tidashi Shoji

Photographer: Paige Greener












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